Alta Framed


The Alta Framed range with its minimal nuanced frame detail creates a classic design statement. Timeless high quality lacquered product combined with elegant detailing gives an enduring atmosphere of classic design and luxurious modern living.

Design image


Here you see the modern simplicity of the door detailing. An open shelving unit with contrasting Opaco blue finish, and Helix Terra Ash back panel add that touch of elegance and luxury.


Form   function image

Form and Function

Create a feature of island ends, use panels with the same frame detail as the fascias for a consistent aesthetic.

Finish options

In Alta we’ve created a holistic palette to cater for all tastes. There are 15 standard uni-colours all available in the opaco matt finish.

If you can’t see the finish you want, and would like us to match to a specific colour, reference or sample, just utilise our bespoke matching service.


Butter matt finish
Alabaster matt finish
Cord matt finish
Signal Grey matt finish
Clay matt finish
Stone Grey matt finish
Yellow matt finish
Orange matt finish
Red matt finish
Magenta matt finish
Blue matt finish
Carbon matt finish
Magma matt finish
Black matt finish
White matt finish