Alta & Deda


Subtle, warm, and intuitive. This light and airy environment is perfectly suited to the understated tones of Alta butter gloss and the lambent beauty of the Deda matt walnut fascias.

Design d1 beach2   400x400


Blend medium walnut frames with opaco pearl white glass centre panels to create a guaranteed talking point. The base cabinets show grain running horizontally through 4 consecutive fascias, stretching the boundaries and limitations of the veneer, before another sheet of veneer is used for the final two doors.

Form   function d2 beach2   400x400

Form and Function

Imposing large wall fascias that adroitly include beveled edges running into perfectly crafted beveled edged panels.

Finish options

In Alta we’ve created a holistic palette designed to cater for all tastes. There are 15 standard uni-colours, all available in 3 finish options: gloss Lucido, matt Opaco and for those who want something exquisite the “Piano” gloss Lucido finish which uses 5 coats of lacquer to create the ultimate gloss finish with perfect clarity and longevity.

The Deda range offers a complete selection of veneer options. From Oaks and Walnuts to exquisite exotic veneers like Ebony Emara, Olive and Palisander. Available in a variety of structures, from smooth gloss or matt finishing, to avant-garde real sawn treatments. Also choose your grain orientation and for those who want something ultra exclusive opt to have adjacent and consecutive fascias cut from the same piece of veneer. The potential design implications are limitless and your retailer will be able to help guide you through this process from start to finish.

If you can’t see the finish you want, and would like us to match to a specific colour, reference or sample, just utilise our bespoke colour matching service.

Alta is also available in 6 unique ultra-contemporary metallic finishes. All 6 are available in both gloss Lucido and matt Opaco finishes. Bespoke finishes are not available in the metallic option

We also offer our aluminium extrusions in any of our painted finishes including the bespoke option. Use this to colour co-ordinate your handles and fascias or create contrasting design styles.

Both Alta and Deda ranges contain Framed End Panels. As an option if you desire a contrast between the frame finish and the centre panel finish you are able to select an insertable panel in any of the Alta lacquer or Deda veneer finishes.

Alta - White
Alta - Butter
Alta - Alabaster
Alta - Cord
Alta - Signal Grey
Alta - Clay
Alta - Stone Grey
Alta - Yellow
Alta - Orange
Alta - Red
Alta - Magenta
Alta - Blue
Alta - Carbon
Alta - Magma
Alta - Black
Alta - Metallic - Anthracite
Alta - Metallic - Gold
Alta - Metallic- Proscecco
Alta - Metallic - Pearl Grey
Alta - Metallic Ruby
Alta - Metallic Nickel
Deda - Stained Oak - Natural - Brushed
Deda - Stained Oak - Cereal - Brushed
Deda - Stained Oak - Grey - Brushed
Deda - Stained Oak - Dark - Brushed
Deda - Stained Oak - Natural Sawn Effect
Deda - Stained Oak - Cereal - Sawn Effect
Deda - Stained Oak - Grey - Sawn Effect
Deda - Stained Oak - Dark - Sawn Effect
Deda - Painted Oak - White - Brushed
Deda - Painted Oak - Butter - Brushed
Deda - Painted Oak - Pearl Grey - Brushed
Deda - Painted Oak - Grey - Brushed
Deda - Painted Oak - White - Sawn Effect
Deda - Painted Oak - Butter - Sawn Effect
Deda - Painted Oak - Pearl Grey - Sawn Effect
Deda - Painted Oak - Grey - Sawn Effect
Deda - Knotty Oak - Natural - Brushed
Deda - Knotty Oak - Grey - Brushed
Deda - Knotty Oak - Cereal - Brushed
Deda - Knotty Oak - Dark - Brushed
Deda - Smoked Oak - Grey - Brushed
Deda - Smoked Oak - Dark - Real Sawn
Deda - Lucido Oak - Dark
Deda - Lucido Oak - Grey
Deda - Opaco Walnut - Medium
Deda - Opaco Walnut - Light
Deda - Opaco - Ebony Emara
Deda - Lucido - Ebony Emara
Deda - Opaco Palisander
Deda - Lucido Palisander
Deda - Opaco Olive
Deda - Lucido Olive