Fenix NTM is a unique material with outstanding properties. Ultra matt, soft touch, anti-finger print, highly scratch resistant with self healing properties for small scratches, dry heat resistant, stain proof, colour consistent and anti-bacterial. Here the Fenix NTM works perfectly to surround the central veneered section shown in natural stained brushed oak.



Fenix is available in 15 finishes, and can be used as both doors and matching worktops. Doors are available in slab and chamfer formats.

Form function

Form and Function

Use the Deseo range of doors and materials to mix the avant garde Fenix NTM material with a more classic material like this natural stained oak veneer.

Finish options

There are 15 finishes to choose from, mix and match as you desire.

Nero Ingo
Blue Delft
Bianco Male
Bianco Alaska
Bianco Kos
Rosa Colorado
Grigio Londra
Gringio Efeso
Grigio Bromo
Biege Luxor
Zinco Doha
Bronze Doha
Titanio Doha
Piombo Doha
Blue Fes
Rosso Japuir
Verde Commodoro
Grigio Antrim
Cacao Orinoco
Beige Arizona