The Audley Collection Hayward door is also available not only as an in-frame door but also as a shaker lay-on door. The door retains the same proportions as its in-frame brother and is available with 90mm stiles and rails, or as shown here with 70mm stiles and rails.

This classic look combines a traditional door with a more contemporary styling and a smooth modern painted finish. The elegant wall cabinets are shown in F&B Lamproom Grey No 88 and the island in F&B Railings No 31.

This design incorporates a number of sumptuous features such as large cross railed door larders, open frame shelving units, framed island panelling, cross railed glazed door units and bespoke larder pull outs.

Deseo offers a fully bespoke package and full customisation for any design.

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A bespoke larder unit. Customised lower drawers in F&B Lamproom Grey No 88, and spice racks and shelving in oak.

Galley kitchen in fenix and deda stained oak natural brushed haywooddesign 400x400shaker layon cgi ci ver01 view060006

Form and Function

Open shelving created using the same 70mm frame of the shaker door for a consistent aesthetic with veneered oak cabinet and downlighting.

Finish options

We’ve created an exceptional palette of 21 painted finishes, plus the option for bespoke tailor made finishes. All the options have been specifically designed to blend and combine in a multitude of variations. Don’t be afraid to mix different finishes – they are intended so that you can create an environment completely personalised to your requirements.

Natural Light Oak: Only available in the Wallace. 


Bespoke Painted: For the ultimate in individuality, select your own unique colour or colours to create a truly incomparable, personally inspired kitchen. The scope and vision is limitless.


Below are the standard 21 finishes in the Audley Collection.


The representation of colours and textures are as accurate as possible but are limited by technology and may vary due to screen settings.

Platinum Blue
Overcoat Blue
Tea Green
Gem Green
Soft Sand
Stone Grey
Taupe Grey
Dark Taupe