Metal lacquers are the latest trend in high end kitchen design and are becoming increasing popular as an alternative to actual metal fascias. Beautifully tactile and luxurious. The new range incorporates a choice of 5 different metals and 3 different finishes. All fully customisable and made to order in the normal Deseo format.

Metallico bevelled drawer design 400x400


Here you can see the beauty and precision of a 30 degree chamfer drawer with a 45 degree bevelled edge running into a 45 degree bevel panel. Shown in the dark steel metal lacquer with stippled finish.

Metallico form 400x400

Form and Function

Minimal 12mm panels are used to frame the wall doors in the dark steel stippled effect. The base units are shown in a contrasting mild steel stippled effect.

Finish options

In Metallico we’ve created a holistic palette to cater for all tastes. There are 5 metal lacquers each available in 3 finishes. Mix and match to create the design of your choice.

Bronze, Copper, Light Steel, Mild Steel and Dark Steel.  Each available in 3 finishes: brushed, stipled and structured.

Bronze Brushed
Bronze Stippled
Bronze Structured
Copper Brushed
Copper Stippled
Copper Structured
Light Steel Brushed
Light Steel Stippled
Light Steel Structured
Mild Steel Brushed
Mild Steel Stippled
Mild Steel Structured
Dark Steel Brushed
Dark Steel Stippled
Dark Steel Structured
Dark Bronze Stippled
Dark bronze Structured
Dark Bronze Brushed
White Gold Stippled
White Gold Structured
White Gold Brushed