Pietra and Metallico


The Pietra doors offer an alternative to the Beton concrete range. More textured and more colour consistent than the Beton concrete fascias, the Pietra doors offer a more subtle and nuanced solution with a beautiful tactile surface. The island features the new brown finish, one of a trio of new colours we have just launched.

The Metallico range represents the latest avant-garde trend for industrial metal finishing. Shown here in the beautiful new white gold metal in the structured finish. A stunning tangible feel with elegant metallic swoops and subtle detailing. Hand made with 8 layers of metal lacquer.

A modular shelving unit completes the set which is perfect for today’s open plan and easy access living. Entirely flexible with a multitude of options and available in multiple different lacquer and veneer finishes. The aluminium vertical profiles can be supplied in a choice of titanium or burnished brass.

Design 400x400


Open J profile drawers with 45 degree mitred ends, marry with mitred panels to create a monolithic cube design.

Form 400x400

Form and Function

Modular shelving system shown with titanium aluminium verticals and grey lacquered oak veneer. Tall unit doors in white gold Metallico structured with open J profile handles.

Finish options

In Pietra and Metallico we’ve created a holistic palette to cater for all tastes. There are 5 Pietra Stone Finishes and 7 metal lacquers each available in 3 finishes. Mix and match to create the design of your choice.

Available finishes below

Pietra Brown
Pietra White
Pietra Sand
Pietra Grey
Pietra Black
Metallico Copper Stipled
Metallico Copper Structured
Metallico Copper Brushed
Metallico Dark Bronze Stipled
Metallico Dark Bronze Structured
Metallico Dark Bronze Brushed
Metallico White Gold Stipled
Metallico White Gold Structured
Metallico White Gold Brushed
Metallico Light Steel Stipled
Metallico Light Steel Structured
Metallico Light Steel Brushed
Metallico Mild Steel Stipled
Metallico Mild Steel Structured
Metallico Mild Steel Brushed
Metallico Dark Steel Stipled
Metallico Dark Steel Structured
Metallico Dark Steel Brushed
Metallico Bronze Stipled
Metallico Bronze Structured
Metallico Bronze Brushed